NSC: Neighbourhood Services Company

Building Better Communities

The Neighbourhood Services Company (NSC) was formed in 2001 as a social business to secure contracts to develop employment and quality placement opportunities for training. Furthermore, the impacts of NSC would aim to support the hypothesis that local people providing local services will increase the benefits to, and support the target of sustainable communities.

Over the past eight years NSC has developed and diversified into four sections, Environmental, Building Maintenance, Catering and the Farm. All sections of the company have developed significant contract bases, specialising in working with the Social Housing sector and Liverpool City Council. All sections are now well established in their respective areas of work and continue to provide quality services.

NSC Environmental and Building Maintenance specialises in providing contract services to the City Council and Housing Associations with the benefits of:

  • Improving the built environment
  • Improving local skills through training
  • Providing employment opportunities
  • Improving the local economy through wages and local procurement policies
  • Contributing towards rebuilding community moral, community cohesion and community spirit.
  • Supporting business development

N S C Randles Bridge Farm School Lane Knowsley, Prescot, Merseyside L34 9EN